Tucson Rain Jar Project


Water-saving ideas from rural Thailand inspired the Tucson Rain Jar Project. “Thai jars” were traditionally constructed by filling a large bag with dirt, wrapping it with chicken wire, and covering the outside with a thin layer of cement. After the cement dried, the dirt and bag were removed.

We learned from and modified these techniques to come up with a rainwater cistern that can be built from scratch here in our desert backyard.

The Tucson Rain Jar Project showcases a model of rooftop water collection that is cost effective, environmentally friendly, artful and aesthetically pleasing, while -- perhaps most important -- building community between friends and neighbors.


The Tucson Rain Jar Project thanks PRO Neighborhoods

for its enthusiasm and financial support in helping us to launch this project.


PRO Neighborhoods assists groups working together to mobilize and build upon existing talents by connecting their passions, skills, and resources.

Download our step-by-step manual on building rain jars.Home_files/RainJarGuide.pdfHome_files/RainJarGuide.pdfHome_files/RainJarGuide_1.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1